Steve Baba 

Ph.D. Economics, University of Maryland, College Park
Taught undergraduate and graduate courses
Published papers in academic journals
Teaching and Academic awards
Top SAT website:
Former students at Yale, Dartmouth, USMA (West Point) and other prestigious schools. 

Phone: (240) 430-0502 (usually available late afternoons, or leave message)
2715 University Blvd. #306,
Silver Spring, MD, 20902   

"Tutoring by Steve Baba was, in my view, instrumental in my two high school students’ excellent performance on SATs. Steve’s work was thorough and precise, and I credit him with adding 50 to 100 points on every subject to two of my children’s scores.   The result of this is that I have two happy students at Davidson and Haverford Colleges, both exceptionally selective institutions.   I have recommended Steve to many of my friends as a superior alternative to “canned” SAT prep courses and will continue to do so.” ---  Chris Carey  

 Texas Instruments and hundreds of teachers use Steve Baba's SAT test prep material.  Google for schools and teachers who recommend and link to Steve's material.

Two free SAT publications used by many teachers are below.  


Two free SAT publications: Above: SAT Math Notes  Below: 5,000 SAT Words, both by Steve Baba